Welcome to Avocado Capital

collage-verticalWe want to see the world around us become a better place and we’d love you to join us. By investing in our work, you can be part of developing communities that change lives. We focus on sustainable, ethical property development with a social conscience.

How would you like to receive up to 10% on your cash savings ?

We have various capital projects where we can offer supporters a loan agreement over various time frames from 12 months upwards. In simple terms, for a loan of £50,000 we could be paying you £55,000 back after 12 months.

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We’re ethical (ask our bank, Triodos), cost efficient, committed to quality and determined to make the work we do help others. We are not driven by the need to make excessive profits for shareholders, pay large bonuses or avoid paying any tax where it is due. We simply aim to be profitable, sustainable and benefit communities. Read more about our work with Avocado Homes, Avocado Commercial and Avocado Development.

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